• M&S Food

    Date night courtesy of M&S Food

    Date nights can be tricky once you become a parent unless you have family and trusted friends on tap to offer their babysitting services you have to rely on finding someone who you feel comfortable leaving your most treasured possession with. Simon and I both think it is very important to keep ‘dating’ after children […]

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  • Cinema

    Fun days out without the kids

    Enjoyable days out with your partner and kids are essential as such times are an integral part of family life; however, there is also a need for couples to nurture their relationship and it is vital they occasionally arrange to spend some quality time together without the children. Take a trip to the cinema/theatre A […]

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  • Peterborough Arts Festival

    This Mummy is in need of a good laugh!

    One thing that I have never done is to see a comedian live! I LOVE live entertainment, it’s part of the reason we went to the Arts Festival this weekend in Peterborough. There’s just something about the atmosphere of a live event that draws you in and lifts you out of yourself for just a […]

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  • Gary Barlow

    We saw Gary Barlow at the O2 Arena!!!

    Before the Beans came along Hubby and I often used to go to concerts. I took Hubby to his first concert as a birthday surprise for his first birthday when we were together. We have been to a couple of concerts since the Beans but money has been much tighter so concerts have been less […]

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