We saw Gary Barlow at the O2 Arena!!!

Gary Barlow

Before the Beans came along Hubby and I often used to go to concerts. I took Hubby to his first concert as a birthday surprise for his first birthday when we were together. We have been to a couple of concerts since the Beans but money has been much tighter so concerts have been less frequent.

Gary Barlow

Back in February, we were very lucky to be given tickets to see Gary Barlow at the O2 Arena. In my excitement, I had misread the tickets thinking that we had front row tickets to the side of the stage but when we arrived and were directed to a VIP Suite we were gobsmacked! We were situated to the left of the stage with a great view, our own bar and the best part – toilets with no queue!!

No queue

We were very grateful for our tickets but in all honesty, I don’t think it would have mattered where we were in the arena because the atmosphere was electric and Gary Barlow did not disappoint one bit. I have always had admiration for Mr Barlow but his show was even better than we could ever have imagined and I really hope that we get the opportunity to see him with and without Take That again in the future.

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