• Paperchase

    Have a Cracking Christmas with Paperchase

    Paperchase is a shop that I have loved for a long time, not only do they sell gorgeous stationery which is perfect for a stationery hoarder like me but they have great gifts too. Little Bean is following firmly in her Mummy’s footsteps and will always ask to go in there when we have a […]

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  • #BusterTheBoxer

    Getting ready for Christmas with John Lewis #QBlogger

    If there is one shop I look forward to visiting over the Christmas period it’s John Lewis, it’s a shop I remember visiting in my childhood with my Mum and my Nanna, I can remember looking at all of their Christmas decorations (and usually getting static shocks off them too). John Lewis just always manage […]

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  • Christmas Day

    Christmas Day 2015

    All that preparation, all that anticipation and Christmas is over before you know it. Thankfully, ours was a lovely relaxed family day. The children woke at 6am and screeched with excitement when they saw presents spilling out of their stockings and further piles of presents in the lounge. By 8am the first wave of presents […]

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  • Christmas decorations

    It’s all about the Christmas decorations . . .

    Oohh Christmas! I love Christmas – the gifts, the music, the mince pies, the cookies and assorted Christmas treats, and most of all – the decorations! All sparkly and shiny and glittery and pretty and did I mention sparkly? I have a pretty big family – 5 brothers and sisters with their assorted children, 3 […]

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  • Disney

    Unique Christmas Tree decorations from Disney Store

    The Beans were VERY excited by the parcel which arrived in our house on Friday, for when they opened it up they were greeted by the very cute faces of the Disney Tsum Tsum tree decorations. For those who haven’t discovered Disney Tsum Tsum yet, they are cute collectibles which come in a variety of […]

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  • Advent Calendar

    Our first Playmobil Advent Calendar – Forest Christmas

    Christmas is fast-approaching and I’m already getting excited, before I know it the Advent Calendar will be out, the decorations will be up and the Christmas music will be playing. This year I am trying my hardest to be organised before December arrives because I want to really make the most of the Christmas atmosphere […]

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