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Christmas Day 2015

All that preparation, all that anticipation and Christmas is over before you know it. Thankfully, ours was a lovely relaxed family day. The children woke at 6am and screeched with excitement when they saw presents spilling out of their stockings and further piles of presents in the lounge.

Christmas Day

By 8am the first wave of presents had been opened and it was time for breakfast, getting dressed and starting Christmas lunch. Once all the preparations had been finished it was time for the second wave of presents – the amount of packaging is unbelievable. Our recycling bin was emptied on Christmas Eve and is brimming over again already.

Christmas Day

Our Christmas lunch was delicious thanks to my very clever Hubby, we were all so stuffed we couldn’t even manage tea! Making the table pretty was my domain and I loved the little Place Holders that I found in Tiger, cute little glass Christmas trees with presents, Santa, Teddy Bears and Snowmen.

Christmas Day

We were all thoroughly spoilt and received some lovely gifts. As is the tradition in many households we received lots of new Lego sets and set to work on them once Christmas dinner was cleared out of the way.

Christmas Day

Curly was with us this year which made for a really lovely family dinner, it never feels right when he isn’t with us for Christmas Day.

Christmas Day

Beanie Boy was over the moon with his presents this year, Marvel Avengers featured heavily is his pile of presents. I was pleased to see that one of his favourite presents was his Marvel Hero origins books. He sat quietly looking at them for ages.

Christmas Day

Jelly Bean was on full on cheeky boy mode for the day, I think the early morning took its toll on him though so he needed to go back to bed for a reviving afternoon nap.

Christmas Day

The best thing about Christmas is having all the family together and just relaxing in each other’s company. We LOVED watching Stick Man on TV and have been watching it again this morning already.

Christmas Day

Little Bean and Jelly Bean took B the dog out for a walk with Auntie E and got chatting to some elderly ladies out for a breath of fresh air. Jelly Bean wished the ladies Merry Christmas and Auntie E was choked up when the ladies asked Little Bean what was her best present for Christmas and she said “having all my family together”. Bless her!

Merry Christmas xxx

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  1. December 26, 2015 / 6:04 pm

    It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas….That food looks amazing x

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