iCandy Charlie Lifestyle Changing Bag

In nearly 7 years of parenthood I have had an awful lot of changing bags (I have always been a ‘bag lady’). My latest changing bag is perhaps one of the simplest, yet one of my most favourite changing bags so far.

iCandy Charlie

The iCandy Charlie comes in three flavours; Red, Purple and Black. I chose Black with the intention of it being the ‘Daddy daycare changing bag’ as he wasn’t always keen on being seen carrying some of my ‘prettier’ changing bags.

The iCandy Charlie features two chrome zippers, bottle pockets on either end of the bag, a removable ‘wet sack’ inside the main compartment, two elasticated pockets in the main compartment, a changing mat and a further insulated bottle bag.

iCandy Charlie

I think it’s the simplicity of this bag that I like the most. Like I said, I originally selected this bag as a changing bag for Hubby to use when out and about with the Beans but I’ve kind of nabbed it for myself. I took it out one day to take some photos a few weeks ago and I have been using it ever since.

The cream lining of the bag makes it really easy to see what’s in the bottom of the bag; one of my older bags I bought when Jelly Bean was born had a dark purple lining and I was forever foraging in the bottom of my bag because I couldn’t see. The bottle pockets on either end of the bag are really useful for carrying drinks for either both younger boys or for myself and Jelly Bean if we are out alone. I use the elasticated pockets in the main compartment to store the nappies, wipes and bags in one and my purse, keys etc in the other. I keep the front zip of the bag for things like car parking tickets, mobile phone and packs of tissues which means the bulk of the main compartment is empty for carrying snacks and a change of clothes for the messy little people in case of accidents. I even have room to carry my trusty Surface tablet so I can work away from home if the circumstances allow it.

iCandy Charlie

The bag outer has a wipe clean surface which is a necessity when you have little people around and the shoulder strap is adjustable. I have often taken to wearing this bag across my body and I love the way it just moulds to me.

The iCandy Charlie is available online and from most major Nursery Retailers and direct from the iCandy website www.iCandyWorld.com

RRP £80.

DISCLAIMER: I was given the iCandy Charlie changing bag free of charge for the purpose of this post. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission. I have not been instructed what to write.


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