• First sewing machine

    #XmasGiftGuide – Gifts for a 7-10 year old

    Shimmer and Sparkle Sewing Machine The Shimmer and Sparkle Sewing Machine is a great ‘my first sewing machine’ and comes packed with lots of features. The machine comes pre-threaded and includes a safety guard to protect little fingers. With two speed settings, it operates using either a footpedal or by button. Just like a full […]

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  • scooterslingz

    Scooterslingz helping you #scootthroughautumn

    The problem with carrying scooters . . . Since Jelly Bean has moved preschools we have been able to walk to school more often and the Beans love it, they don’t even care about the weather. Little Bean and Beanie Boy always want to #ScootThroughAutumn (and Winter) and Jelly Bean likes the idea of scooting but doesn’t […]

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  • Scoot Lock

    Scoot Lock Review

    The School run before . . . Ever since the Beans have been at school they have loved it when we have walked to school or I have surprised them by walking to collect them. They used to ask if we could do it every day but I’m not particularly a morning person so it […]

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  • Ravensburger

    Christmas Gift ideas for a 3 year old boy

    Eeek that time is approaching very fast when we need to think about what to buy for family and friends, it doesn’t get any easier does it so hopefully, I can offer you a few helpful hints; Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzles Jigsaw puzzles have been a favourite pastime for centuries and it’s a great thing to […]

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  • Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday

    You might think it seems a bit odd that I’m writing about First Birthdays again when our youngest, Jelly Bean, is approaching his third birthday in January but our beautiful God-Daughter has just turned one and our very cute neighbour also turns one in the next week and so it got me thinking about how […]

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