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The problem with carrying scooters . . .

Since Jelly Bean has moved preschools we have been able to walk to school more often and the Beans love it, they don’t even care about the weather. Little Bean and Beanie Boy always want to #ScootThroughAutumn (and Winter) and Jelly Bean likes the idea of scooting but doesn’t have the stamina to scoot the whole journey. On one particular day a few weeks ago I decided to walk to collect the Beans from school since it was a lovely afternoon but we hadn’t walked in the morning so all of their scooters were at home. Walking to school with three scooters in tow was no easy feat, I kept catching my ankles, my shins, my heals . . . you name it, I bashed it with those scooters and couldn’t arrive at school quick enough. Thankfully, the smiles on the Beans faces when they saw me with the scooters was worth it.

Scooters are a great way of getting children from A to B quickly, for exercise or simply for fun but when a child decides they don’t want to scoot anymore it falls on the parent to carry the cumbersome scooters along with any number of bags, coats and children’s paraphernalia. When Jelly Bean was still regularly using a stroller I learnt a great many ways of balancing the scooters on the handlebars, the hood or resting on the shopping basket but now that he isn’t using his stroller I’m finding myself in need of something more specific.


Introducing ScooterSlingz Scooter Bag

As the October half term holidays were drawing to a close, a parcel arrived from ScooterSlingz. The Scooter Bag from ScooterSlingz is the answer to a parent’s prayers. Designed to carry a 3-wheeled scooter like the Mini or Maxi Microscooter, the Scooter Bag is made from lightweight, strong fabric which has a waterproof back so as to keep the wet and dirty wheels away from your clothing. There is a long shoulder strap with padded section so that you can comfortably carry the scooter across your body. It even has a hook so that you can use it to store the scooter neatly at home or away.

When not in use the Scooter Bag folds up neatly into it’s own little carry bag so that it can be carried with you ready for it to be used on the move. It’s ideal for use on public transport, around the shops or just when out walking and your little one doesn’t want to scoot anymore. I will now be able to scoot to school on my own scooter with their scooter slung across my back so Mummy gets to join in the fun!


Putting the Scooter Bag to the test

The last day of the October Half Term holidays were beautiful here, we had lovely warm sunshine and were able to enjoy a day out at Ferry Meadows Country Park. Nanna had taken a couple of days off to enjoy with us so we took a picnic and their scooters for some outdoor fun before they were shut away in their classrooms again.

I packed up the Scooter Bag along with the picnic, I know my Beans well enough to know that they wouldn’t want to scoot all day and I was right. It was the first time I had attempted to fold Little Bean’s Maxi Microscooter so I didn’t actually know how to do it but I quickly found the release button underneath. The scooter fitted into the bag easily with the wider part of the base and the handles to the top. With a gentle tug I was able to pull the front flap over and around the scooter and then fastened the straps to close it. I’m so impressed with it I think I shall have to buy two more to keep their scooters in because I know that I will be carrying them all again at many a point in the future.


Where to buy?

The ScooterSlingz Scooter Bag is currently available in three colourways; Bright Red, Midnight Blue and Purple Haze. We have the Purple Haze which I LOVE! The Scooter Bag is priced at £19.99 available to buy from the ScooterSlingz shop and Amazon.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent the ScooterSlingz Scooter Bag in exchange for an honest review. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission. I have not been instructed what to write.


  • Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too

    November 10 at 9:12 am

    I need to add this to Roo and Tigger’s Christmas wishlist. Fab for the school run or when we are on holiday.

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