• Kids online safety

    How to Manage Your Children’s Use of Tech and the Internet

    How your children use the internet and engage with technology is something that you will have to manage and think carefully about as a parent. No parent wants their child to be exposed to things that are not suitable for them, and no parent wants their child to become too reliant on technology at the […]

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  • Kids Learning Typing

    Free Resources for kids learning typing

    Technology has come around and led to a lot of changes in the way things are done nowadays. Every child will get the basic knowledge of computer usage while at a primary school. Technology can be used to give that kid the edge over his or her age mates. These resources can be accessed online […]

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  • Star Wars watch

    Vtech Star Wars BB-8 Camera Watch

    I wish you could have seen the look on Ollie’s face when he found out that he was being sent a Vtech Star Wars BB-8 Camera Watch. I honestly was kicking myself for not having a camera at the ready #mumfail but I just didn’t expect the reaction that he gave. You would thought I […]

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  • Why we need to limit screen time for kids

    Screen time for children is one of those really hard-to-avoid parts of life, whether they are simply watching TV or using tablets, PCs, smartphones or even smart TVs for leisure/gaming, at school and even get set homework on the computer. Whenever Will goes quiet we can pretty much guarantee that he has crept off to […]

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