Getting Children Engaged: Break the Tablet Habit and Consider a Drone Instead

Nowadays, we feel like it’s completely natural for our children to spend their time glued to a phone or a tablet. After all, these are portable devices, and they keep our young ones distracted with digital content that keeps them busy while we’re tackling other tasks. But how does such a lifestyle affect their health and is there an alternative?


The negative health effects of a sedentary lifestyle

The health experts are warning about the chronic pain these kids are going to experience when they’re older. Worse yet, some of them are reporting that chronic pain is already having an effect on their quality of life.

The reasons why traditional sports are not as attractive

The new generation of children are hooked to interacting with something. It’s easy to see why: by pressing buttons or touching a screen, their actions have a direct effect on what’s about to happen. However, the interaction doesn’t have to be digital at all!

As you can see, playing with a drone can be a healthy way to interact with something engaging. By picking the right kind of drone-related activities for your kids, you can make them step out of the house to have a little bit of exercise while inhaling some fresh air.

Believe it or not, there are so many different things you can do with a drone. So what types of activities are the most suitable for the entire family?


Fun drone-related activities for the whole family

  1. Drone games. You can get creative with this, but the basic idea is to mark specific landing points or maybe have the drone fly through hoops, then see who can score the best time. You can also mark specific areas on the ground and have the drone drop a cube from the sky, then see if you can hit the center!
  2. Recording an event. Are your kids finding it hard to enjoy it when the relatives and family friends are coming over for a birthday party or something? Keep them busy by assigning them some recording duties. There’s nothing better than interacting with a flying object while also doing something beneficial.
  3. Drone modifications. There are a whole bunch of things you can install on a drone. Additional cameras, gadgets that shoot things (softly, just to have fun), flickering lights… feel free to get creative with your kid!
  4. Explore the countryside. Take the kids out to the countryside and take the drone with you. There’s nothing more enjoyable than watching it take off and do some exploring. While this can’t exactly compare to exploring the nature on foot, at least you’re going to see your kids have fun out in the open, and – who knows – maybe they’ll just prefer to explore the nature themselves at some point!

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Hopefully, today’s article has given you plenty of ideas on how to keep your children engaged with the help of a drone. Now it’s up to you to put all of these tips into action!

Mary Clifford is a stay-at-home mom who is obsessed with finding cool new gadgets for her children to play with. Since she has discovered how much fun the drones can be, she can’t leave them alone for a single day, and her family is starting to grow an entire collection of them.


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