Make an occasion of #FamilyFilmNight


We have been regularly enjoying #FamilyFilmNight for a few years now. It’s a great way to relax as a family at the end of a busy week. Apart from taking the odd photograph of us chilling out, all technology is banned (apart from the TV/DVD/Netflix of course). We usually snuggle up on the sofas, beanbags … Read more

The Good Dinosaur – Weekend Event London Victoria Station TODAY!


Everyone has their own unique journey of self-discovery to make their mark in the world. In an exclusive two day event at London’s Victoria Station on the weekend of 19th – 20th March 2016, Disney•Pixar and TOMY are inviting you to come down and make your own mark to celebrate the Home Entertainment release of … Read more

DisneyLife for snuggles, relaxation and nostalgia


Introducing DisneyLife app Being Mummy to four little people is the PERFECT excuse to watch Disney movies so I didn’t need asking twice when offered the opportunity to review  app. In case you haven’t come across it yet, DisneyLife is a unique digital membership service which gives you access to the largest collection of Disney entertainment … Read more

Pip Ahoy: Welcome to Salty Cove DVD Giveaway and FREE Activity Sheets

Pip Ahoy

When Jelly Bean gets home from preschool he likes to retreat to the sanctity of ‘the little lounge’ as he calls it, the ‘playroom; to the rest of us! He likes to be alone and put a DVD on whilst he chills out after his busy morning. Being the youngest of four has meant that … Read more

Win this amazing bundle of Warner Bros Father’s Day DVDs

Father's Day DVDs

One thing that I know we will be doing this coming Father’s Day is enjoying our weekly #FamilyFilmNight as it has become a key event of our family week. We switch off all technology, other than the TV and DVD player of course. We snuggle up on the sofas and beanbags with a bowl of … Read more

My Beans have got what it takes to #BeSuper on National Super Hero Day


Did you know today is National Super Hero Day?! Well it is and so today I’m celebrating my very own little Super Heroes, my Beans because they have definitely got what it takes to #BeSuper. Being a parent isn’t always the easiest job in the world, but then again, being a child isn’t always the … Read more