Win this amazing bundle of Warner Bros Father’s Day DVDs

One thing that I know we will be doing this coming Father’s Day is enjoying our weekly #FamilyFilmNight as it has become a key event of our family week. We switch off all technology, other than the TV and DVD player of course. We snuggle up on the sofas and beanbags with a bowl of snacks each and we chill out as a family. It’s a time in the week that the Beans look forward to and one where we all ‘just sit’.

As a family we are very active (not necessarily sports) but we are always on the go, running from one place to another, work, after-school activities, swimming lessons, shopping and visiting friends so for us to sit and relax is a big thing. We all love to watch a good film and often when Hubby and I get a night out without the Beans we will head to the cinema because we love the opportunity to be transported somewhere different, to experience different lives, to feel different emotions and to let our imagination wander. A film gives you that experience and will always be something that will be on any wish list in our household.

Hubby and I have enjoy quite a broad range of films and have very similar tastes in what we like, we love a film which makes us laugh but likewise we love a good action, period, thriller or even a weepy (yes Hubby too!) and this Father’s Day I’m bringing you the opportunity to win a bumper bundle of Warner Bros DVDs to celebrate the special man in your life.

Father's Day DVDs

Yes that’s right I have the following great DVDs from Warner Bros especially for you to win;

•           American Sniper

•           Horrible Bosses 2

•           This Is Where I Leave You

•           The Judge

•           300 Rise of an Empire

•           Edge of Tomorrow

•           Godzilla

•           Clint Eastwood Western 3 Film Boxset

•           Gran Torino

•           Unforgiven

 Entry is super simple, you can do leave a comment for one entry or you can do some of the extras to get bonus entries. Good luck!!!


 Warner Bros Father’s Day DVD Bundle

124 thoughts on “Win this amazing bundle of Warner Bros Father’s Day DVDs”

  1. Every 7 years my birthday falls on Father Day and i can remember having a fab day out at Lincoln on the river with my dad. He’s gone from us now so these memories are even more special x

  2. my dad is no longer with us but u used to looove driving holidays with him so much. driving from Glasgow through to England. .stopping off at the borders. halcyon days!

  3. When I was younger and around 4, my dad owned his own taxi business and I was upset as he had a job all day on Father’s Day and I wanted to spend time with him, I’d made a card and everything! He surprised me by getting home early and not phoning on the way back and I can remember giving him the biggest hug ever and me & him took the dog for an extra long walk and spent the day outside enjoying the sun with my mum and our golden labrador!

  4. None with my own Dad but all the kids coming to visit my Hubby on Fathers Day & a Monopoly game which got out of hand with loads of cheating from the older boys resulting in the youngest winning as no one was paying attention. Lots of laughs & it was videoed for posterity!

  5. Father’s Day was always great-I loved the whole build up. Home made cards and wrapping paper painted by us. I do the same with my children

  6. Seeing his face light up when I presented him with Lord’s cricket tickets. He is besotted with the game and he had the most fantastic day out there

  7. My Dad used to work away a lot, so0 we did no always see him much in the week but Sunday morning he always took the three of us kids swimming while Mum made a Roast Lunch. I still cherish the memories of that time 40 years on.

  8. This father’s day has been the most memorable as it was my husband’s first father’s day. What made it even more special was handing my dad his father’s day card with my baby’s footprints inside it.

  9. Going with Dad to see the R.A.F. Museum in Hendon and him talking so openly about what Grandad did in the war. He never really opened up about him much before.

  10. My husbands first fathers day, those memories are just priceless. I don’t have any memories of FD with my dad as I lived abroad as a child whilst he was in the UK

  11. This is a fab collection of dvd’s – I watched The Judge a few weeks back – partly well a lot because I have a thing for robert jr – didn’t realise the plot was so sad it had me in tears really good fim.

  12. My favourite memory, mu hubby making a flying visit to us in Germany where I was 9 mths pregnant and ready to pop. We had a lovely weekend with our eldest…..and a few days later our daughter arrived (without him there)

  13. My best father’s day memories are those watching dad’s face when he received our badly chosen and badly wrapped gifts. He never failed to smile generously and thank us profusely, no matter how ghastly our gifts were.

  14. I was raised by my grandparents but I have lots of memories of my gramps teaching us to play cards and building us toys himself 🙂

  15. Fathers Day wasn’t really celebrated when I was a kid but as it would have been a Sunday my memories will be of huge family roasts

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