• Star Wars

    Star Wars 40th Anniversary Giveaway!

    If you were born around the same time as me (1976) then the news that this year celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars then you’ll be feeling pretty old right now! When Star Wars entered my life I don’t remember my exact age when I first watched the films but I’m pretty sure it was […]

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  • Super Geek Heroes

    Have you discovered Super Geek Heroes?

    Having four children I do try to keep abreast of all the latest TV shows but it’s so much harder than when I was a child, there are more than the four channels on TV and then there’s this whole online world of shows too. The latest kids TV show to pop onto my radar […]

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  • Bob the Builder

    Bob the Builder – Dig This DVD Giveaway

    CAN WE BUILD IT? YES WE CAN!  BOB THE BUILDER – DIG THIS DVD RELEASE ON SALE MONDAY 17TH APRIL 2017 Bob is back! With tools at the ready, the nation’s favourite builder returns with a new DVD collection of tales of teamwork and friendship, “Bob the Builder – Dig This”, released by Abbey Home […]

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