Outsourcing Mummy: 5 Things to Consider in Choosing Your Family’s Snack

A working mummy has many a nagging worry, but chief among them is the question of whether her family’s eating and snacking habits are healthy enough. Children especially enjoy their snacks and working mothers are finding it harder and harder to choose a healthy snack menu that meets her family’s nutrition requirements. To help busy, … Read more

Date night courtesy of M&S Food

M&S Food

Date nights can be tricky once you become a parent unless you have family and trusted friends on tap to offer their babysitting services you have to rely on finding someone who you feel comfortable leaving your most treasured possession with. Simon and I both think it is very important to keep ‘dating’ after children … Read more

Top 3 Nutrition Apps for 2018

In March 2018, Under Armour announced that over the month of February of this year, approximately one hundred and fifty million MyFitnessPal users had their accounts hacked into and their data stolen. Fortunately, the data captured by the hackers consisted only of the users’ names and email address. There were no claims according to which … Read more