• #OatyBites

    Healthy snacks courtesy of Jammie Dodgers #OatyBites

    Jammie Dodgers have been a staple ‘treat’ in my life since a very young age and I’m pleased to say that all of the Beans love them as much as I do, seriously who can resist their Jammie deliciousness?! Jammie Dodgers Oaty Bites Anyway, getting back to those Jammie Dodgers that we all know and […]

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  • Jucee drinks

    Liven up your lunchbox with the Jucee Range

    Lunchboxes can get pretty boring can’t they?! I look at the Beans’ lunchboxes and wonder how they can bear to have the same things day in day out but my little people are creatures of habit, they know what they like and they stick with it. I wasn’t much different at their age. When we […]

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