• Week 44 – Bet you thought I’d forgotten you!

    Wow time really does fly when you’re having fun and growing up. I have been soooo busy my feet have hardly touched the ground – well actually they have been touching the ground rather a lot lately because I’ve been doing lots of standing up, climbing, dancing, jumping in my jumperoo and just generally having […]

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  • Week 29 Teething super sucks!

    I’m not really feeling myself at the moment, I’m getting tired really easily and I keep crying lots too.  Teething sucks Mummy says that she thinks its because I’m cutting my first teeth but all I know is that my mouth really hurts and is full of watery stuff, my nose is really wet and […]

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  • Week 27 – I love food!

    I must say, I love food! Mummy has been giving me all sorts of tasty things to try just recently and I have to say, I think I’m liking it!! It’s good to share Mummy Whenever I see Mummy and Daddy eating it looks so tasty, my mouth gets all wet and drippy, then Mummy […]

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