Baby Vision – the first 12 months

During those first few days, weeks and months of each of my Beans’ lives I can’t begin to guess how much time I spent staring into their eyes. In the hospital I remember laying with them by my side, staring deep into their eyes, talking to them and thinking back to what the textbooks said: “they only see in grayscale, to begin with”. They see shapes, light and movement . . . how must that be I used to think?

Baby Vision – the first 12 months

Vision Direct

Vision Direct has launched an interactive tool ‘How well do babies see?‘ which has been designed by their expert optician to show how normal baby vision develops over the course of their first year giving parents the chance to see the world through their baby’s eyes.

Newborn Eyesight

What can a newborn see?

Days turned into weeks and I would think back to how it said they could only focus on objects as far away as your elbow to your face. As they laid in my arms looking up at me, I would ask them “do you see me?”. I would pull faces at them, stick my tongue out and see if they copied then giggle as they did. Then I knew they could see me and my ‘tests’ would continue . . . can they see me if I stand over here?

Baby Vision: 6 months

What can a baby see at 6 months?

At around 6 months they can move their eyes quickly to follow moving objects and begin to understand object permanence. It’s natural instinct to be interested in what your baby can see and do but it’s mind-boggling to really understand what life is like for them, after all, we can’t actually remember what life was like ourselves as babies.

Baby Vision – 10 months

What can my baby see at 10 months?

By 10 months old a baby’s eyes will be the colour that they will stay when they are grown up, give or take a shade or two.

To use the tool simply input your child’s age and the tool will give you an idea of your baby’s field of vision, depth perception and colour awareness. As you move the slider you will notice how objects and colours become sharper.

Brendan O’Brien, Vision Direct’s Head Optician and Chief Operating Officer, commented on the launch of the tool:

We hope this will help parents understand how their baby’s vision changes during this critical time for development. The tool features helpful tips on how to support your child as they learn to focus, track objects and see colours.”

Vision Direct hopes parents can refer to this tool as their baby grows and use this resource to encourage healthy development.

As well as being the leading online retailer of contact lenses in Europe, Vision Direct is committed to being a leading resource for eye health and information.

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