Week 44 – Bet you thought I’d forgotten you!

Wow, time really does fly when you’re having fun and growing up. I have been so busy that my feet have hardly touched the ground – well, actually, they have been touching the ground rather a lot lately because I’ve been doing lots of standing up, climbing, dancing, jumping in my jumper and just generally having lots of fun. Mummy always calls me a little monkey these days, but I’m pretty sure I’m still a baby.

Wroxham Barns

Last week I went away on holiday with Mummy, Nanna and Little Bean. We had so much fun and went to lots of new places, and we saw some really cool animals too. Some of them were really big and a little bit smelly. Sometimes, I’m not too sure that the smell may have been coming from my nappy, but I preferred to blame the animals. Mummy took me on some rides with Little Bean which were pretty good fun, I really like being a bigger boy now because I’m getting to do loads more things and have lots more fun.

Great Yarmouth

We stayed in something called a caravan which was pretty cool because I could go everywhere by myself, I didn’t need Mummy to pick me up to go upstairs I could just crawl everywhere. Mummy said that I really was getting everywhere and a bit of a nuisance. I got a bit upset a couple of times, though, because I shut my fingers in a cupboard door once, which really hurt. Mummy kissed it better, though, so I soon forgot about it. Then there was a table in the middle of one room but for some reason every time I though I was standing next to it I wasn’t and just fell over, it got pretty annoying by the end of the week. Mummy said I reminded her of Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses when he missed the bar in the pub – what is she talking about? We’ve never even met Del Boy, whoever he might be.

This week, we tried something new and super cool: we went swimming with Little Miss in her Nanny’s outdoor swimming pool. It was brilliant fun, Mummy tried to get me to go to sleep instead of going in the pool. Why should I sleep when there is so much fun to be had? I hope we can go again sometime soon.

Did you know I have six teeth now!!! Not that I can count, but that’s what Mummy keeps telling me, and she should know because I’m always biting her with them. I think it’s pretty funny when Mummy says “ow”, but by the look on her face, I don’t think she finds it very funny at all – oops!

So, what else have I been up to since I last spoke to you? I had my pushchair carried up some stairs by a guy called Gok Wan. Mummy seemed to think he was pretty special. Then I had a cuddle with a guy with really cool hair called Mark Hill and then I had a cuddle with a very pretty lady called Fearne Cotton – I liked her! Mummy says I’m a lucky boy.

Mark Hill

Mummy went away for a few days to ‘work’ and left me at home with Daddy and Little Bean. I was a bit cross with her so when she came home and gave me a big cuddle I just growled at her, I think she got the message and won’t be leaving me again anytime soon.

And this week, I had a special mummy day, all by myself. Little Bean and Curly went to Nanny’s house for the day while Mummy and I went to London by train. I got to see quite a lot of London because Mummy kept getting lost, and we had to walk backwards and forwards a few times. We finally found where we were supposed to be, and I liked it, it was full of pretty ladies, one of the ladies was called Rachel Stevens, and she was really pretty!! When we had finished talking to all the lovely ladies, Mummy put me in her carrier on her tummy, and we went on the tube, we had to stand really close to lots of people, but I didn’t mind; I just shouted at them if they got too close unless they were pretty ladies then I just fluttered my eyelashes and gave them big smiles. They seemed to like that!

Week 44

Mummy went as fast as she could, but we missed the train, and Mummy was a bit cross because we had to wait a long time for the next train. Nevermind, we went to a big place called St Pancras and had some tea together, listened to some bands and chatted to some more pretty ladies (I like ladies!) before finally getting on the train to come home but by this time I was pooped and fell asleep!

Well, I guess I better go now, and I promise I will try to keep you up to date with what I’m doing more often. So long, peeps . . . . .

3 thoughts on “Week 44 – Bet you thought I’d forgotten you!”

  1. I love this post, it made me laugh so much.
    Daisy is now 11 months old so a 10 month old perspective really made me smile.

    I also laughed out loud at the bit about you getting lost in London and seeing a lot of it. London is one of the few places I don’t get lost. I’m a demon on the tube – probably because I have no sense of direction at all but on the tube you can suspend all logic and just follow the lines 🙂

    I remember taking my Mum & Dad to Salou in Spain and while Mum had a rest I took Dad for a stroll in his wheelchair down to the sea. Trouble was, I completely forgot to make a note where the hotel was so we walked for miles with me trying to find it. Dad has dementia so it was no good asking him for directions but I knew it was bad when even he started saying ‘haven’t we been down this road before….?’

    • Thanks, I’m pleased you like it – unfortunately Beanie Boy has been too busy to keep writing in his diary you know how they like to get into mischief, so much more fun than just writing a diary!!

      As for London – I never usually get lost if I’m on my own but if you put a pushchair in front of me its like a force-field which blocks out all rational thinking.

      Bless you, I bet that got quite frightening for you xx

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