Week 29 Teething super sucks!

I’m not really feeling myself at the moment, I’m getting tired really easily and I keep crying lots too. 

Teething sucks

Mummy says that she thinks its because I’m cutting my first teeth but all I know is that my mouth really hurts and is full of watery stuff, my nose is really wet and keeps running down my face. As if that wasn’t even, my bum is really sore and it makes me cry whenever Mummy or Daddy have to change my nappy.  Man, this sucks! 

I still make Mummy smile

Teething Troubles

I still make Mummy laugh though, she says I’m funny because even when I’m sad because of this teething malarkey I still give her big smiles when she gets her camera out (that’s because she’s so funny!).

One minute, I’m happily playing on the floor or in my new trundle truck; the next, I feel rotten and give a good old cry along comes Mummy to give me a big cuddle.  Mummy’s really good at making me feel better, she gives the best hugs ever and strokes the back of my head which is really relaxing.  I just don’t think she needs to call me ‘stinky boy’ every time she changes my nappy; I can’t help it! It’s a completely natural thing you know, it’s the teething that is making the smell, not me.

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