Week 27 – I love food!

I must say, I love food! Mummy has been giving me all sorts of tasty things to try just recently and I have to say, I think I’m liking it!!

It’s good to share Mummy

I love food - Beanie Boy

Whenever I see Mummy and Daddy eating it looks so tasty, my mouth gets all wet and drippy, then Mummy attacks me with a wet wipe. Yuck!

It’s stuck!

She gave me something called bread which started off quite nice but then it got stuck in my throat and made me frightened but luckily Mummy was there and she helped me to get it out. It didn’t put me off for long though, I soon got stuck into some other stuff.

Foods I like so far . . .

Mummy says I like breadsticks, soft cheese, yoghurts, custard, most vegetables and a few other finger foods. I don’t mind trying most things, I think I’d be happy to keep eating all day long.

I love food - Beanie Boy

I prefer yours Mummy

Yesterday we went for a picnic again but this time to somewhere different for Daddy’s birthday, Mummy said that I was being a little monkey because I was trying to eat all of her food. I had lots and lots and it made me feel really tired so I soon fell asleep.

Picnic at the park

Week 27 - I love food! 1

We had a really nice time and I even got to go on something called a slide? When other children went on it, they were by themselves but Mummy had to hold me because she said that I would have fallen off without her! Yeah right, I’m a big boy now but I like to make her feel useful and to be fair, she does give great cuddles!

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