Week 25 – My first picnic . . .

This week Mummy took me and Little Bean to the park where we normally go for a walk but she said that this time it was going to be a bit more special as we were going to have a picnic? I just smiled at her because I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about but bless her, she seemed quite excited so I didn’t like to spoil her fun.


When we got there, Mummy and Little Bean sat down on a big seat together and started eating their dinner right in the middle of the park. I sat back and enjoyed the sunshine and watched as all these little quacky things came running up to them. I think they wanted to sit on the seat, too, because they kept shouting at Mummy and Little Bean. Little Bean didn’t seem to like them too much because she climbed up onto the bench and hid behind Mummy; I thought it was all very funny.

Mummy then gave me my dinner too and I was really enjoying it until these two people who I’ve never seen before came up and started talking to Mummy. I was sooo embarrassed because I had food all over my face and dribbling down my chin, I bet Mummy wouldn’t have sat there with her food all over her face and carried on talking to these people but oh no, because its just little old me its classed as ‘cute’. As usual, I just smiled sweetly, and eventually, they left, and THEN Mummy decided to wipe my face clean, a bit late by then, to be honest!

Feeding ducks

After our ‘picnic,’ Mummy took us to the water, thankfully we didn’t go swimming in it, though, because it didn’t look very clean, and when Little Bean started throwing bread into the water, the quacky things came over again, and then these things kept coming up from under the water, even the quacky things seemed a bit unsure. The really funny thing, though, was when Little Bean bent down to the water, and one of the things under the water jumped up and splashed her. She was so frightened she hid behind my pushchair, don’t worry baby brother will protect you big sis!

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