Week 26 – Mummy is persistent, I’ll give her that!

I guess you could say Mummy is persistent! For quite some time now Mummy has been trying her best to get me to have a bottle for my milk instead of from her booby but I just didn’t want to. I like cuddling up with Mummy and have special Mummy and me time. But this week, she tried again and to be perfectly honest, I think she was a bit mean to me!

Breast to bottle

Mummy is persistent

One night when she took me to bed, out came the bottle again. Oh yeah, here we go again, I thought! This should be a doddle, just roll it around in my mouth for a bit, bite it, push it out and then she’ll give in. And guess what, it worked! She gave in, but whereas she would normally then let me cuddle up and have her milk, she didn’t she just tucked me up in bed and left me there. I wasn’t very happy about that at all but I was so tired I couldn’t be bothered to argue so I went to sleep.

Not giving in

A bit later on, she came up and tried me with the bottle again, but I’m made of stronger stuff so I didn’t give in. I tried my same old trick of biting it and pushing it out of my mouth. Again, she gave in but still didn’t let me have any Mummy milk so I went back to sleep.

The Dad trick

Sometime later, Daddy had a go but I wasn’t about to be fooled by him either, so he got the same treatment and soon gave up. The trouble was, I knew that he didn’t have any of Mummy’s milk so it was no point asking him. I was starting to get a bit hungry though.

Mummy is persistent – I caved!

The next time my door opened it was Mummy again, and yes you’ve guessed it, she was armed with the bottle! I was so hungry I just caved right in and started drinking. I really didn’t like to admit it, but it wasn’t half bad and I ended up finishing the bottle. As a reward Mummy then let me have a cuddle and some of her milk too and I went off into a lovely sleep.

Picking my battles

Mummy is persistent, she has been giving me a bottle every night since and I’ve decided that it isn’t so bad after all, the milk still tastes nice, I get a cuddle with Mummy (sometimes with Daddy) and I always have a nice sleep afterwards. Mummy’s been a pretty good Mummy so far, so I’m guessing there is a reason she needs me to have the bottle so I’ll let her win this battle – for now!

4 thoughts on “Week 26 – Mummy is persistent, I’ll give her that!”

  1. The decision to breast-feed is yours. Take at least as much time to learn about breastfeeding as you did when you picked out your babies crib; more if you can spare it. Arm yourself with knowledge and then make a decision. Only you can decide if breastfeeding is right for you family.

    • Breastfeeding was absolutely the right decision for my family, it is the most fulfilling feeling and I love the closeness that I have shared with my children as a result of it.

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