Week 30-Mummy’s birthday

Today we have been celebrating Mummy’s birthday?  I’m not really too sure what that’s all about, we did it a few weeks ago with Daddy too?  Mummy told me it means that they are getting older but they’re still perfect to me. 

What’s a birthday present?

Mummy's birthday

It all quite funny this birthday malarkey, everybody gives the person whose birthday it is lots of pretty coloured packages and then they tear them apart??  Inside there are all sorts of different things but most of them don’t look as pretty as they did before they wrecked them. There were loads of presents for Mummy’s birthday and she took ages to pull all the pretty paper off but I had lots of fun playing in the paper.

We all went out together for the day which was really nice, we’ve been going for days out together quite a lot lately to some really nice places. 

Spending time with Daddy

Week 30-Mummy's birthday 1

It’s been really nice to have Daddy around a bit more because he’s really funny and pulls lots of silly faces which make me laugh. 

We also had a day outside in a big white thing the other day?  Mummy called it a ‘gazebo’????  She said that we were celebrating the wedding of William and Kate, though I haven’t got a clue who they are, I don’t think I’ve met them before? 

Mummy says I’m a flirt!

Mummy's birthday

We had a party with all the people who live in houses near us.  I really quite liked one of the girls, though she was a bit strange because she had wheels instead of feet???  I think she quite liked me too because I was able to impress her in my new set of wheels!!  Mummy said that I was being a flirt?  I don’t know what a flirt is but the way that Mummy said it I don’t think it sounded great?

Where did Mummy go?

I keep getting a little bit upset at the moment, I don’t know why but when I can’t see Mummy I cry because I don’t know where she has gone.  The crying usually works quite well as she comes back really quickly and rewards me with a big hug and lots of kisses.  She tells me that I’ve got her wrapped around my little finger.  She does say some daft things sometimes!

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