Week 23 – Rockin’ all over the world!

Tummytime 016 I’ve got this rolling lark sorted now, if I’m feeling really energetic I can even get from one side of the room to the other provided there aren’t any obstacles in my way. Mummy says this means I’m going to be trouble now because she can’t take her eyes off me for a minute. It’s good fun when I’m rolling on the floor but when I do it in my bed I get a bit stuck. A couple of times this week when I’ve rolled over I’ve got stuck on the bars of my bed and it makes me so angry – it doesn’t help matters that when I shout Mummy to come and save me she stands there laughing at me and says what a funny boy I am! The worst is when I have somehow managed to turn myself sideways in my bed and then start rolling, Mummy has made one end of my bed higher than the other, (she says it helps me to not be so sick) and I start rolling and can’t stop until I end up at the bottom of my bed. It makes me a bit dizzy!!!

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