• Bluestone Wales

    The Beans making the most of Bluestone Activities

    Normally when you get rain on your holiday it pretty much ruins it if you’re in the UK but at Bluestone Wales, it didn’t matter one bit. Sure enough, sunshine would have been a bonus but it certainly wasn’t a necessity. Bluestone Village Centre After a great night’s sleep, we awoke on our first morning […]

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  • Goodbye

    Today I’m saying goodbye . . .

    Today will be a sad day, I’m heading back to my home town to say goodbye to a very special lady. Someone who I wasn’t actually related to but felt like family all the same. I grew up living with my Mum, Nanna and Grandad until my Nanna passed away when I was 11 years […]

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  • #FamilyFilmNight

    Make an occasion of #FamilyFilmNight

    We have been regularly enjoying #FamilyFilmNight for a few years now. It’s a great way to relax as a family at the end of a busy week. Apart from taking the odd photograph of us chilling out, all technology is banned (apart from the TV/DVD/Netflix of course). We usually snuggle up on the sofas, beanbags […]

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  • Christmas Eve

    Making preparations for our Christmas Eve traditions

    I don’t know about you but I’m a big kid when it comes to Christmas, I probably get as excited about it as the kids do! I love doing things to make Christmas special, to give them lots of happy memories which hopefully they will retell to their families when they are older and perhaps […]

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  • Wedding Anniversary

    8 years and still going strong – Wedding Anniversary

    Today Hubby and I are celebrating our 8th Wedding Anniversary and the day started with a giggle as we both opened our cards to see that we had written exactly the same thing in them. Hubby and I are still very much the best friends that we were before we even became a couple, our […]

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