The Most Memorable Extended Family Vacation In Singapore


There’s something about East Asia that resides so well in most people. We can’t quite put our finger on it, but it’s because we know that this part of the world has a long history of civilization and distinctive cultures. However, there is an air of mystery and misunderstanding to it for many Westerners. The … Read more

10 activities that can help bring your family closer together

Family fun

A combination of the pressures of modern life, your family growing up and the way that technology is creeping into every aspect of our lives. More people glued to the screens of various devices means that good, quality family time is getting harder and harder to come by. Fear not, it doesn’t have to be … Read more

Finding time to reconnect – Easter Holidays 2017

Easter Egg Hunt

Well, that’s the Easter Holidays over for another year and apart from the odd little niggle here and there, it’s been lovely to have my babies at home with me. As usual we have kept ourselves very busy catching up with friends, doing jobs around the house and getting out and about enjoying the lovely … Read more

The Beans making the most of Bluestone Activities

Bluestone Wales

Normally when you get rain on your holiday it pretty much ruins it if you’re in the UK but at Bluestone Wales, it didn’t matter one bit. Sure enough, sunshine would have been a bonus but it certainly wasn’t a necessity. Bluestone Village Centre After a great night’s sleep, we awoke on our first morning … Read more

Make an occasion of #FamilyFilmNight


We have been regularly enjoying #FamilyFilmNight for a few years now. It’s a great way to relax as a family at the end of a busy week. Apart from taking the odd photograph of us chilling out, all technology is banned (apart from the TV/DVD/Netflix of course). We usually snuggle up on the sofas, beanbags … Read more