Our focus for the year ahead? Home and Away!

Nooooo I don’t mean the Australian soap with all those dishy half-naked men and bikini-clad girlies (although I do admit it is my guilty pleasure). I haven’t told you what I got up to at the end of 2014 because quite frankly I was too busy getting ready for Christmas but at the beginning of … Read more

Christmas getaway with Travelodge in York


As Christmas 2014 approached Hubby and I made a decision, we would relax as much as possible in the run-up to Christmas and enjoy this special time with our Beans instead of rushing around like headless chickens and missing it all. Every year we work up to the last minute of Christmas Eve and whilst … Read more

How we saved for the biggest day our lives . . .


TSB are currently trying to highlight some of the top obstacles facing newlyweds so soon after the large expense of their big day. Working with TSB I have been asked to share with you how we worked hard to pay for our Wedding Day . . . Before Hubby and I married, I remember people … Read more