My favourite time of the day . . .

My favourite time of the day is first thing in the morning when I am woken up by Beanie Boy and Little Bean climbing into bed with me and give me a great big cuddle. This has been almost like a ritual from day 1 with both of them as I had always given them … Read more

Honest question: what do you say?

Yesterday as I was walking through a shopping centre with Little Bean she announced at the top of her voice “look at that dark man over there Mummy, he’s very dark isn’t he?”. My first reaction was to move past the man as quickly as possible because I was so embarrassed but then I thought … Read more

This time last week . . . Amazonia World of Reptiles


Every time I have walked along Great Yarmouth Seafront there has been one building which has grabbed my attention but never actually went it. This time Little Bean spotted Amazonia World of Reptiles too and asked if we could go in so we did and I’m so pleased that we did. Amazonia World of Reptiles … Read more