• Positive discipline

    Is Positive Discipline the game changer your family needs?

    [easyazon_link identifier=”0525574891″ locale=”UK” tag=”mummmatt-21″]POSITIVE DISCIPLINE FOR TODAY’S BUSY (AND OVERWHELMED) PARENT[/easyazon_link] is a user-friendly guide that gives parents the tools they need to parent effectively without sacrificing their well-being or giving up on their life goals. I’m holding my hands up right now and saying that parenting has been a whole lot harder than I […]

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  • Just another phase?

    “Oh its just another phase” – isn’t that what people always say to you when you whinge for the hundredth time about whatever tantrums your toddler/pre-schooler has been going through of late? That’s what I keep getting at the moment and I know that people are right but just for once I would like someone […]

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  • There may be trouble ahead . . .

    That is the song that goes round and round in my head most days when having conversations with Little Bean.  Little Bean is an extremely headstrong little girl, I’m told that she gets it from me – oops!  But how should we parent her and channel this personality trait so that our time with her […]

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  • Family

    Parenting advice please . . .

    Just to bring any new readers up to speed with my family situation, I have a (nearly) 9-year-old step-son Curly, a 2-year-old daughter Little Bean and our next baby boy is due in September. Blended Family Woes On the whole Curly and Little Bean get on quite well, she worships the ground that he walks […]

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