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When the Mummy Matters family visited London for the weekend a few weeks ago we had to make the customary pit stop at South Mimms services to tend to the cries of “Mummy I need a wee” just 15minutes after we had set out on our journey home. As we unloaded the children from the car and made our way into the services I saw two very smart young men walk through the doors ahead of me and being the hot-blooded female that I am, couldn’t resist checking them out. YES I was with my Husband AND my family but we are both happy with “looky but no touchy”.

Now I NEVER forget a face, I’m like an elephant (no I’m not THAT big) I just have a good memory, so when I looked again at the guys in front of me I announced to my long-suffering Hubby “eh, that’s Kirk from TOWIE” to which he replied “don’t be daft”. But then the Kirk looky-likey headed over to the magazine stand, picked up a magazine and turned straight to . . . .

Kirk Norcross

. . . an article of himself to show his mate. “How vain” I voiced over his shoulder and he turned around with an embarrassed giggle as his mate laughed out loud that he had been spotted checking himself out. Kirk was very happy to pose for this photo with me and despite being a bit of a cocky soul on the tongue-in-cheek reality show was a really nice guy. He didn’t seem too put out when I told him “you’re alright but I prefer your Dad, he’s lovely”. He just laughed and said that he thought it was about time he got his Dad off the show.

This post was written for The Gallery – Tara set the rather challenging theme of the letter ‘T’ this week so I scraped this one in by the skin of my teeth!

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