Pokemon Ball Twister Figures

image Pokemon has been around for as long as I can remember and appeals to children of all ages. The name Pokemon means Pocket Monsters and now refers to cartoons, video games, trading cards and toys. The Pokemon Universe stems from the hobby of the insect collecting, players take the roll of Pokemon Trainers and the goal is collect all available Pokemon species in the fictional land of the game and then train their Pokemon to compete against other teams.

When a trainer encounters a wild Pokemon they are able to capture it by throwing a Pokeball at it and providing the Pokemon is unable to escape the Pokeball then it is considered to be owned by that trainer. Pokemon already owned by other trainers cannot be captured, only the wild ones which then need to be trained to respond to his master.

image Fans of Pokemon can now have their very own Pokeball so they can join in the fun at home and with their friends. The Pokemon ball twister figures are suitable from age 4 plus and is priced around £9.99. Each Pokeball contains 1 figure, 1 weighted base and 1 axle. It works a little bit like a spinning top, when you pull on the cord the figure is released and spins on the base. There are 5 characters to choose from; Oshawott, Tepig and Snivy who each come with a Pokeball, Zorua comes with a great ball and Axew with a quick ball.

If I were buying these as a gift for someone I would recommend buying more than one figure so that they can ‘battle’ against each other or at least be sure that other friends have them so that they can play together, afterall that is the nature of Pokemon.

To find out more about the Pokemon range from Bandai Toys visit their website or follow their Facebook page to connect with other Pokemon fans.

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