Our Build-A-Bear experience . . .

A few weeks ago I was asked if my family and I would like to visit our local Build-A-Bear Workshop to make some Beary Best Friends of our own. If I had said no to that my children would never have forgiven me so today we headed over to Cambridge for our very first Build-A-Bear experience and this is what we did . . .

image Last year Build-A-Bear Workshop teamed up with Children In Need and sold over 11,500 bears and it was so successful they have brought Pudsey and Blush back in store for another year. There are 55 Build-A-Bear Workshops across the UK and £5 from the sale of every bear is donated to the Children In Need Appeal.

Blush Bear is Pudsey’s BBF and she likes playing the drums and dancing but she’s always there to help her mate Pudsey in his busy fundraising schedule. Blush is aptly named because of her rosy cheeks and she has magnetic paws so that she can cover them up when she gets a little shy.

image This year sees a re-designed Pudsey Bear with a cute spotted heart, a t-shirt, slippers and pyjamas with an additional £1 from the sale of the t-shirt, slippers and pyjamas also being donated to Pudsey’s special appeal.

In 2010, Build-A-Bear Workshop donated a whopping a £135,000 to Children In Need from the sale of Pudsey and Blush and they are hoping to beat the figure this year with the introduction of new outfits for the BBFs. Every penny raised helps to make a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in the UK.

The Build-A-Bear experience doesn’t end when you leave the Workshop, when you get home you can bring your new BBF to life online at Bearville.com which is a virtual world and entertainment destination.

If you are one of the unlucky people who do not have access to a Build-A-Bear Workshop then don’t worry, you don’t have to miss out as you can order your very own Build-A-Bear online at www.Buildabear.co.uk

Pudsey Bear retails at £15; Pudsey Bear t-shirt at £5; Pudsey Bear Pyjamas at £10 and the Pudsey Bear slippers at £4.50 each. Blush Bear retails at £15; Blush Bear t-shirt at £5; and the Blush Bear dress at £10 each.

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