To Bumper or Not to Bumper?

Cot Bumper I used a cot bumper with both of my babies for the first 6 months or so until they began to travel around their cot when sleeping. During their waking time I would lay them so that they could look at the pictures on their bumpers and they loved them, it encouraged both of them to reach out for the colourful characters in front of them.

Moving an infant from their initial sleeping environment into a cot is a rite of passage for parents, and an interesting time for infants. Some make the change with no trouble at all, while others struggle to sleep in the new and unfamiliar environment.

With most babies spending the early weeks of their lives sleeping in a crib or moses basket beside their parent’s bed – a practice which is recommended by health professionals – eventually the time will come for the little ones to make the transition.

The people at Vertbaudet know that a change in sleeping arrangements needs to be carefully approached, which is why they provide a wide range of baby bedding and accessories carefully designed with the needs of children and parents in mind.

Cot Bumpers a Personal Choice

When selecting bedding and accessories for a baby’s cot, one of the questions parents will face is whether to use a cot bumper. A cot bumper is a soft panel of quilted fabric that attaches to the bars of a cot and effectively encloses the baby’s sleeping space. Research has shown that the use of a cot bumper has no impact on safety – positive or adverse – and so whether to use a bumper really is a question of the parents’ personal choice.

Vertbaudet stocks a selection of cot bumpers, designed to blend with and compliment a wide range of nursery décor. They feature motifs that little ones will find interesting, engaging and entertaining. Choosing to add a cot bumper set to a child’s bed can help to make the transition from a smaller sleeping environment go smoothly. A barred cot without a bumper can seem daunting to infants used to sleeping in an enclosed space. Many mums and dads also enjoy the idea that baby will not be able to stick limbs out through the bars as they grow, thus reducing the possibility of discomfort from night-time movement.

Cot Bumper For parents who are unsure as to whether their baby will benefit from the use of a cot bumper, try buying a bumper kit, such as those available from Vertbaudet, and fitting it at one end of the cot. This offers the opportunity to try baby sleeping both fully enclosed within the bumper end, or turned around so that they can still see the surrounding area and their parents (if still sleeping in the same room).

Designs to Suit All Styles

Cot bumpers can be bought in a range of designs. Monochrome and brightly coloured patterns are a great choice for parents who wish to offer a stimulating and eye-catching feature for their child to study when they are dropping off or after waking. Parents can opt for a padded panel style bumper, great for winter use as they can help prevent drafts within the cot, or a quilted fabric style that ties on to cot bars creating a thin screen between baby and the rest of the room.

Cot bumpers also offer a great opportunity for parents to add a personal touch to a nursery space. They are great for families who are unaware of their baby’s gender until after the arrival. A neutral-themed nursery can quickly be converted to a great space for a baby boy or girl with the addition of a carefully chosen bumper set and coordinating soft furnishings.

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