What’s in a name?

I have been contacted by a leading detergent manufacturer who are looking to build a new online presence to share tips and ideas to make the task of raising happy, healthy and active children that little bit easier. Since the majority of my Mummy Matters readers are parents, who better to ask for their opinions on the best name for the site? Yes that’s right, they want your opinion and they want you to be as truthful as possible so that they can get it right first time. Please don’t be shy, leave a comment below with your absolute HONEST opinion on what you like, don’t like, how the names make you feel, what you might change about the names if at all? Perhaps you have a better suggestion?

What's in a name?Below are the names that they have come up with and would really like to receive your feedback on:

  • The Active Mother
  • Mothers’ Playground
  • Impractical Mum
  • Adventures in Parenthood
  • MumsWorld
  • Destination Mum

They need your feedback by Friday 4th November so please respond as quickly as possible and I will be eternally grateful!!

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