Top Tips to Help Kids Learn at Home While Being Locked Down

Being a responsible parent, you have to teach your kids properly whether at home or school. However, the coronavirus pandemic is making life quite difficult for the parents when it comes to having to learn at home instead of school. Numerous individuals across the globe have been placed amidst multiple pressures of childcare, education, and other work pressures within their residences. But this doesn’t mean that you will stop helping your kids with their lessons and studies. You need to construct useful ways to make sure they are studying during the lockdown as well. Here are some of the top guidelines to help kids learn while at home while being locked down.

1. Jonah Engler advises on making a daily routine

Lockdown home school schedule

While kids go to their school they spend most of their time based on a particular routine. However, children are not able to maintain a schedule during the lockdown period since they do not go to their schools. The parents must sit down with their children and establish a new routine that can be followed at their residence.

In case your child finds the routine to be monotonous, change it again after 1 week. A proper schedule will help them to do their daily activities like sleeping, eating, playing games, and learning on time. You should create an environment for the kids to stay calm by following almost the same routine as their school. Make it a point to make the weekly schedule appear attractive and also stick it on your refrigerator so that your child can read it now and then.

2. Make a decent learn at home space

It is a fact that younger children do not have their own desk in their rooms on most occasions; however, it does not imply that it will not be possible for the parents to establish a learning space for the kids such that they feel like they happen to be in home-school. In case your child does have a study desk try to make it homely since he or she is going to spend more time on it.

Make it a point to keep the learning area away from video games and the television. Also, keep the mobile phones out of reach of your little ones. Moreover, do not allow them to consume their foods on their study desk.

While studying at the learning desk, your kid must know that space is meant for studying only and nothing else. Building these types of learning spaces during the lockdown period will be of immense help in the long run. Nevertheless, parents need to note that different types of study spaces are going to work for different types of children. It is entirely up to you regarding what type of study space you would like to create.

3. Never spoon-feed your kids

Online learning

It is a fact that parents are not trained instructors and therefore, they might not have the required patience to teach their kids at home in the proper manner. On some occasions, parents tend to solve the problems on their child’s notebooks to save a considerable amount to time. However, it is not the correct way to teach children at all! One should try to make learning enjoyable for the kids.

On the other hand, it will be a sensible idea for the parents to ask the kids to solve the problems on their own instead of spoon-feeding them. This will also help to enhance the creativity of the children to a great extent. By letting the children look at the already solved solutions and learning will make them feel bored in the long run or that you do not believe they can do it alone. According to, you can consider using learning apps for your kids as well.

4. Stick to the school’s prescribed curriculum

Jonah Engler suggests the parents check the syllabus of the children properly so that they do not spend lots of time on topics which they should not be learning now. Even though learning new subjects is a good idea, it will be better to learn those things that would have been taught in educational institutions during the lockdown period.

Parents will be able to talk to other parents of the classmates of their kids regarding how they are homeschooling their children and what topics they are teaching as well. It will likewise be a sensible idea for the parents to keep in touch with the teachers of their children to better understand the school curriculum out there.

5. Provide freedom for your kids to choose

Freedom to learn

It is essential to establish a regimen while homeschooling and stick to it; however, learning at home has its advantages. For an individual student, it is very good since lots of pupils will be compelled to learn in the same manner within a classroom. While teaching children at home it will be feasible for the parents to tend to their kids closely. They can also provide personal care to their kids which would not have been possible in a classroom environment.

Providing more freedom to your children regarding what they are going to learn will help to motivate them to a great extent during this crisis period. Moreover, you can offer incentives to your children if they study properly and on time. However, do not make it a habit, since it might prove to be detrimental to them in the future.

6. Take your own time

Try keeping the learning sessions short, to begin with, such that the children do not become confused and anxious in the long run. You might make the learning sessions longer while including more activities after a few days. For instance, in case you would like to provide sessions of 30 to 40 minutes, make it a point, to begin with only 10-minute sessions, and gradually build up.


Homeschooling can prove to be fun for the kids since there is no need for them to rush to school every morning. Hopefully, these above-mentioned guidelines will enable you to teach your children in the best possible way during the lockdown phase.  

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