10 Tips for Attracting Bees To Your Garden

Bees are essential to our world’s health and future, but it’s also important to note that the bee population has decreased quite a bit over the past few years. While there are many reasons bees are starting to lessen their presence, some of the main reasons are chemical use in gardens and plants and pollution that is building out in nature. If you want more information about this, check out https://naturaldwellers.com/beekeeping/.

To replenish the world with bees, there are a few things that you can do at home. Having a garden area that is welcoming and safe for bees to come and pollinate is one of the very first steps. The good news? This is a simple process that you can quickly start to implement asap.

This is especially true now that the summertime is here. The bees will be out and about playing in the sunshine, just the same as your kids! It’s such a necessary time to do what you can to save the bees, and why not teach the kids the importance as well? Together, as a family, you can help to save the bees by following these ten tips for attracting bees to your garden. 

10 Tips for Attracting Bees To Your Garden

10 Tips for Attracting Bees To Your Garden

When it comes to helping grow the bee population, start by looking at what you can do in your own space at home.

1. Say no to chemicals

Don’t use any chemicals at all in your yard or garden area. This will keep the bees safe in your space without the worry of getting sick or killed. When dealing with a mite infestation, try to protect the bees as much as possible. If you ever wondered how to get rid of varroa mites, for example, you could try natural, chemical-free ways of repelling them in order to not harm the bees. With proper care, it is possible to protect bee colonies from the devastating effects of these tiny pests and maintain a healthy bee population.

2. Build a bee house with the kids

Bee house

What a fun project idea! Gather the supplies needed to build a bee house and have fun creating memories.

3. Educate your children to change the future

No matter what, the truth is that you need to be educating your children and others about ways that they can save the bees, too. This is done by example and giving them the resources to make it happen. The Works offers a great variety of discounted books about gardening that are the perfect way to educate the kids on creating a garden space that the bees will love. 

4. Add bee friendly plants to your garden

bee friendly plants

Head to the store and buy plants to attract bees to your garden. This is a simple step that you can take to ensure that you’ll provide a safe space for many bees.

5. Leave the weeds be

What might be a weed to you that can be helpful to the bees? Instead of weeding out those plants, leave them bees and see the bees show their appreciation! 

6. Teach your children not to be afraid of bees

Child viewing bees
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Bees aren’t out there flying and buzzing around to attack or sting people. This isn’t their goal. But so many people are afraid of that happening. Teach your family members and children that this isn’t true!

7. Support your local beekeepers

If you and your family can eat honey, buy local honey from a beekeeper in your area. This will keep the bees busy and help to stabilize them in your area. 

8. Study the life of bees

Study the life of bees

Part of being educated about bees is taking the time to research. Picking up a few good books or even taking a fun class online can enhance your overall knowledge.

9. Train to become a beekeeper

Who knows? You might love to be a beekeeper yourself! Just think how many bees you could help save when you’re trained and using your skills. 

10. Plant different coloured flowers


Bees love flowers, but some might like a different colour than others. Test out this simple theory by planting and buying all sorts of coloured flowers when attracting bees to your garden. 

Now that you know various ways to create a garden space that the bees will love, it’s time to start! Who knows how many bees you will help, but even if just one shows up to hang out, it’s worth it! Thank you for doing your part. 

Together, as a family, you can help to give the bees a safer place to be by following these 10 tips for attracting bees to your garden.

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