Brand Awareness Among Children: How Can Parents Select Educational Toys

What more would parents ask for if their child learns and develops good skills while playing? Learning through play is one of the most effective and popular means of teaching children important life skills. Unfortunately, nowadays toy stores seemed to be more focused on seeding brand awareness among children instead of providing children with a chance to develop, grow, and learn through their toys.

With the increasing brand awareness among children nowadays, it gets difficult for parents to select toys that can actually benefit their children and make them good to play with instead of giving in to the demands of their insistence on buying branded toys. Fortunately, there are still some brands that offer educational toys to help with the development of children. Here is how you can make the right selection of toys for your child:

Wooden Toys to Enhance Reasoning Skills

Wooden educational Toys

There are plenty of wooden educational toys that can aid the development of your child. With wooden toys, your child won’t be guided by electronic parts of voices to help take the next step or which piece to pick next as they are not created for specific activities. As a result, your child’s reasoning skills will develop and enhance when they try figuring out for themselves what piece goes where or which step comes next. For instance, organizing their toys in categories on the basis of their colour, shape or size would help with your child’s reasoning skills.

Toys That Promote Problem-Solving Skills aim toward enhancing the ability of your child’s problem-solving skills. For instance, these toys give your child an opportunity to learn subtraction and addition through visual representation. These can provide them with logic puzzles to solve, create towers with wooden blocks, or create different science and math problems.

Since these toys come in general sizes and shapes, your child can determine the right fitting scenario instead of easily solving the problem with pre-made pieces that are typically promoted by toy stores focused on simply promoting their brands.

Improvement in Hand-Eye Coordination

Wooden Toys

These educational toys also improve the hand-eye coordination of your child. Creating towers with blocks by making sure the pieces are balanced and don’t fall or threading the string in wooden beads by focusing on placement and distance helps children in improving the coordination between their hands and eyes. Some toy brands also encourage parents to teach their children basic concepts with wooden toys like down and up, besides, under, and over.

Enhancement of Motor Skills

The motor skills of the children are also developed and improved by playing with these educational toys. Learning to manipulate and grasp the wooden blocks and fit them with bigger blocks, using sticks and beads, attaching wooden shapes helps them in learning how to utilize their wrist, improve their grasp and learn other major motor skills.

There are still many toy stores that offer high-quality wooden toys which are safe for your children to use and play with. As your child grows, they will come up with different innovative and creative ways to play with their educational toys and learn more essential skills that will help them in the future. These toys are timeless, durable and combine fun with learning.

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