• Weaning

    Weaning with HIPP Organic

    After the stressful introduction to weaning that I had with Little Bean it’s fair to say I was dreading weaning Beanie Boy. But my fears were unfounded because Beanie Boy has been a breeze. I began by making my own purees from fruit and vegetables and then we quickly moved onto jars of baby food […]

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  • Annabel Karmel Organic Chilled Purees

    There is something really great about having a baby who wants to eat. The majority of the stress of mealtimes is removed and when I’m offered the opportunity to review new baby foods I can actually say yes! And that is just what happened when I received an email asking if Beanie Boy would be […]

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  • Easy Clean High Chair

    Easy Clean Highchair from Fisher Price

    Some might argue that I’m a bit OCD when it comes to highchairs but it’s one thing that I just can’t stand, it literally turns my stomach. When I used to eat out with Little Bean I would carry a pack of Milton Wipes wherever I went because, let’s face it, highchairs in cafes and […]

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  • Week 27 – I love food!

    I must say, I love food! Mummy has been giving me all sorts of tasty things to try just recently and I have to say, I think I’m liking it!! It’s good to share Mummy Whenever I see Mummy and Daddy eating it looks so tasty, my mouth gets all wet and drippy, then Mummy […]

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  • Am I cut out for Baby Led Weaning?

    If you have been a regular reader of my site you will know that the weaning journey did not go well at all with Little Bean and so as the time approached to wean Beanie Boy, my anxiety began to rear its ugly head! It has started off well, Beanie Boy seems receptive to most […]

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