017/366 – Fffffffffreezing!


This was the walk to school this morning, I could not believe how flippin’ cold it was!! Little Bean told me that “Jack Frost has been everywhere Mummy” and she wasn’t wrong. I forgot to take my camera with me (which is unheard of for me) but I managed to take these snaps on my phone, pretty good shots I think so thank you Samsung Galaxy SII I think you’re pretty damn cool!

2 thoughts on “017/366 – Fffffffffreezing!”

    • I really can’t rate my phone enough, in fact I think I should write a review on it because I love it so much. I use it as a Sat Nav (very accurate for walking or driving), diary, camera, for my emails, twitter, facebook and linked in, phone (of course), gaming, videos, you name it, it’s got it and it is very fast. If you get one I am sure you won’t be disappointed, I only wish I had waited a couple of months to get the white one but hey ho! 😉

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