• #RavensburgerPuzzles

    What’s in the box . . . #RavensburgerPuzzles Twitter Party!

    Later today (2 pm to be precise) we, along with a few other blogging friends will be holding a #RavensburgerPuzzles party in our homes AND live on Twitter. Ravensburger are THE name when it comes to #Puzzling they make great quality puzzles for children aged 0-99 years and I couldn’t even begin to guess at […]

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  • baby photo

    Precious Moments Last Forever – Unique Ways to Preserve Your Children’s Pictures

    In today’s high tech world, almost everyone and their brother has those digital picture frames that continuously flash slides of their family photos. These are commonplace on mantles, dining room bureaus and even hung on walls with today’s flat screen technology. A few years ago this would have been considered ‘unique’ but now even local […]

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  • Getting organised! 1

    Getting organised!

    Just a quiet one . . . that’s how I would describe our weekend on the whole. Generally we are flying around here and there trying to fit as much as possible into our weekends, trying to make the most of the time that we are all together. It’s no wonder our children rarely sit […]

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  • Creating Christmas Traditions

    Creating Christmas Traditions

    When I took part in a Parenting Course at my local Children’s Centre, one particular topic stuck in my head (well, there were quite a few actually), and this year, it got me thinking. I always do all I can to create happy memories for my children and make their childhood as magical as possible […]

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  • 017/365-2013 - cheeky monkey 2

    017/365-2013 – cheeky monkey

    This afternoon Little Bean had a ‘film night’ at school so Beanie Boy had a bit of quality time alone that we wouldn’t normally get. All jobs had been done, he’d had his nap so we decided to get some of his new games and puzzles out. Bop the Martians We played one game that […]

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