I can’t switch it off. You would think it was an easy thing to do but it’s just not. This isn’t a new ‘thing’ for me, I have always known this about myself but I really do need to find a way as I’m wearing myself out.

Restless Mummy Matters

I have just returned home from a truly brilliant weekend away with my little family in Wales. We were guests of Bluestone Wales for a long weekend and of course, I shall tell you about it soon but one thing I wanted to do whilst we were there was give each of us something that was all about ‘us’, our own little piece of ‘me’ time.

For my little bit of me-time, I booked a spa taster at the Well Spa Retreat in Bluestone Village. I received a half-hour neck and shoulder massage followed by one hour I’m the thermal suite.

Lisa, my therapist, couldn’t believe how tense my neck, shoulders and back were. She said it was like my muscles were fighting with her and to be honest, I can tell because I am very sore two days later. I enjoyed my massage but even whilst my muscles were being coaxed into relaxation, my mind was still racing with all the things I needed to do, had done or wanted to accomplish from our weekend. I didn’t just ‘enjoy the rest’, in fact, I was restless.

Afterwards, Lisa took me to the relaxation room and recommended that I just lay there for 5 minutes to compose myself and have a glass of water. I had taken a book with me so I read a chapter and then decided to head to the thermal suite, something I was really looking forward to.

I love a good steam room so I went straight for the Marine Steam room. I tried to concentrate on taking deep breaths to relax but instead found myself thinking how pretty the lights were and “ooh where could we have twinkling lights like that at home”, then looking at the large crystal light and wondering “do they have to clean that?”, “What sort of crystal is it?”. I decided I would perhaps relax better if I closed my eyes but then I started thinking again “what time is it?”, “how long have I been in here?”, “I wonder if JB is having a sleep for Daddy?”, “I hope they have all eaten a good lunch?”, “what can they all have for tea?” . . . And so the questions kept coming and the more restless I felt.

I moved around each of the thermal suites in a bid to relax but found that the mind just doesn’t do that. Everywhere I went I was finding something else entering my thoughts whether it be the children, Hubby, jobs that needed doing at home, how I was ever going to nail potty training with Jelly Bean, what was the best option for working from home, blog posts that needed writing plus 1001 other things that enter my mind throughout any given day.

When I watch TV I have to be doing something else at the same time, always thinking of the next thing I need to get off my ‘to do’ list.

Don’t even get me started on sleep, I have never been great at falling asleep, my mind is just so active. I try reading books which do make me tired but once the light goes out I start thinking about the story and where it might go or why this or that happened.

How do you switch off?? How do you find that place where you just empty your mind and relax, tell me your secrets . . . please x

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  1. SNAP!!!!! This is soooo true, and I think many other people will feel the same too.

    When I tried Reiki I found that very very relaxing. The lady who I saw explained that it helps to “untie” all the “knots” in your body.

    Have you tried compiling a list of the most important things to do first. I can imagine that if you try to write a list of ALL the things you have to do, you will never get anything else done 😉

    I’m exactly the same at the moment. Although I’ve got more free time, I just don’t seem to be settling to get anything done. I’ve had a word with myself and said that I need to prioritise things.

    So, just to say, you’re not on your own with this one lol xxxx

    • Ah love you Mrs W, I know I’m not alone and sometimes I think I need a good kick up the bum but I don’t even seem to have time to do that some days. I have a very large to-do list which is mostly in priority order, the trouble is I keep getting new things which are higher priority that keep bumping the others down the list. I just need to learn to switch off a bit more (when I learn how to) xxx

  2. Oh a spa day, bliss! It is not very often I truly switch off but at a spa I really do! I have promised myself a spa day when the twins start full time school in September! x

  3. Oh my gosh – I am glad I am not the only one. I read once in a scientific journal that the people who were closest to nature were the most relaxed, and that GP’s were recommended to prescribe time outdoors to those who were suffering with high stress levels. Now I’m not all flower power myself, but I decided to try and take some of this advice on board, and I now find that going for a walk on my own, or just finding a quiet spot outdoors to sit on my own for 30-60mins does wonders for me to switch off and relax. Hard I know when you have kids etc but sometimes you have to make time for 30mins each week to dedicate to yourself and not feel guilty about it

    • Funnily enough Christina, up until I sprained my ankle I was out running, walking or on my bike at least 3-4 times per week and I probably felt my best ever then. I have just been given the all-clear and went for my first run again this week and felt amazing afterwards. Hopefully the more I get back into it the better I will feel. Thank you for commenting x

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