First time in a Police Station

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Yesterday I took Little Bean and Beanie Boy to somewhere new, the local Police Station! It wasn’t a leisurely visit, unfortunately last Saturday as were driving down to London I spotted flashing lights in my rear view mirror and swiftly moved to the next lane so that they could pass by. Imagine how shocked I was when the flashing lights moved into the same lane as me and started waving for me to pull over.

I checked my speed limit and yes, I was within the limit so what on earth was he pulling me over for? When he came to the window he asked “are you Sabina Green?”, erm yes! Blimey he was good! It turns out his car has a special on-board camera which had read my registration plate and told the nice policeman that my MOT had run out in JUNE this year!!! The really stupid thing is, I had only been speaking to Hubby about it before we left the house as I had found my MOT certificate and said it was out of date, where was the new one. Hubby told me it was in the glove box and so I thought nothing more of it.

When the Policeman said this we looked in the glovebox saying “yes officer its just here look” but of course it wasn’t because despite both of us being adamant that we’d had the MOT done in June, we hadn’t so yesterday I had to produce my documents at the Police Station and now I have to wait for a Court Summons to come through so that I can plead guilty, boooo!

I was intrigued to read on my shiny new MOT certificate that you can now pay £1.50 to receive a reminder when your MOT is due, I think we will be doing this but I don’t think I will be forgetting it again in a hurry and I’m hoping that yesterday’s visit to the Police Station will be Little Bean and Beanie Boy’s first and last visit to a Police Station!!

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