• Bumptastic & Peachy! 1

    Bumptastic & Peachy!

    There’s never been a better time to be pregnant! Pregnancy has been in the news this month as the Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to the future King of England. According to a new survey from Babeswithbabies.com it’s never been a better era to be pregnant for women. Say goodbye to the tent, and […]

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  • Pelvic Health Care Tips for Active Women 4

    Pelvic Health Care Tips for Active Women

    Despite living a hectic lifestyle, all working mothers and active women can follow some simple tips to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and avoid damage: Ø Pelvic floor exercises – Pelvic floor exercises are extremely beneficial, and not just for your pelvic health. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles will result in: – Faster recovery after childbirth. […]

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  • Because I deserve it 7

    Because I deserve it

    While it is perfectly normal for you to look great when pregnant – I lost count of the times people told me that I was ‘glowing’ – it is also perfectly normal for the symptoms of pregnancy to be difficult to deal with. No doubt you will be suffering or will have suffered from a […]

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