On Target: How To Create A Focal Point For Every Room

Create a focal point

One of the oldest design principles in creating an aesthetically pleasing space is making the perfect focal point. Your eyes always need somewhere to “land” and this means that usually in a space like your living room your furnishings or even your television becomes somewhere for your eyes to go. But if you just moved … Read more

Why elegant, classic furnishings will always have their place in the home

Classic furnishings

Ever since Ikea became a mainstay of retail parks up and down the country, the simple, but striking Scandinavian furniture style has been a permanent fixture of interior design. And while it’s certainly got long-lasting appeal, don’t you just sometimes long for furnishings with a little more timeless elegance? Thankfully, even if it’s just a … Read more

Safest Ways to Clean Your Home


Most of the high-quality cleaning products have harsh chemicals in them, which we usually do not bother to check. Even cleaning products with labels like ‘organic’ or ‘all-natural ingredients can be filled with synthetic and harsh chemicals. The cleaning methods you are using for your house might be more harmful than you think. Whatever products … Read more

Five ways to create a relaxing home

5 ways to create a relaxing home

Your home is meant to be your sanctuary, your place of rest and relaxation. You should feel instantly calm when you walk through the door and sit down for the evening after a day at work, or when you’re enjoying family time at the weekends. Here are five simple ways to help create a relaxing … Read more

Secret Pillow – the perfect sleepover accessory {Review}

Secret Pillows

Lillie is a lucky girl, she gets invited to lots of sleepovers with her friends and Grandparents so she is getting quite adept at knowing what to pack. She has her bag packing down to a fine art and quite recently made a new addition to her sleepover kit in the form of a Secret … Read more