• Saturday Snippets (on a Sunday) - 02.01.16 1

    Saturday Snippets (on a Sunday) – 02.01.16

    I can’t even remember the last time I published a Saturday Snippets post. As the end of 2015 drew nearer the months and days all seemed to blur into one. I am pleased to say that I have barely switched my computer on over the Christmas/New Year break, I have enjoyed spending time with the […]

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  • Moments that mattered in 2013 2

    Moments that mattered in 2013

    As the New Year has started I have decided to look back on the moments that mattered in 2013. Last year started with a bang for us and probably the event that will mark 2013 as a great year for us was the arrival of our cheeky little chappy Jelly Bean on 31st January. After […]

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  • Project 366 – 001/366

    Last year I attempted (and failed) to complete project 365 so I’m going to give it another go this year. Last year I tried to post more than just a photograph and sometimes that was too much of an expectation for me so this year my only aim is to post a photograph that I […]

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  • Happy New Year!!

    Last night we celebrated the start of a new year with our lovely neighbours, it had been touch and go whether we would be holding our celebrations because of the weather but we don’t like to have something like a bit of wind and rain spoil our fun so we put up a Gazebo outside, […]

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  • Week 14 – Happy New Year!

    This has been another really busy week and I’m a bit confused because Daddy seems to be at home ALLLLL of the time. I thought he was supposed to go somewhere else in the daytime but he hasn’t been going anywhere? I quite like having him here, he’s really funny and plays with me, pulling […]

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