Week 14 – Happy New Year!

This has been another really busy week and I’m a bit confused because Daddy seems to be at home ALLLLL of the time. I thought he was supposed to go somewhere else in the daytime but he hasn’t been going anywhere? I quite like having him here, he’s really funny and plays with me, pulling silly faces and flying me high in the sky.
We’ve been going out lots this week, visiting different family and spending lots of time in the car. I HATE being stuck in my car seat thingy, its really squishy and I just can’t keep my eyes open when I get in it. The nice thing about visiting people is I get lots and lots of cuddles and people keep smiling at me and pulling funny faces. Don’t they realise how silly they all look? And I’m not sure what the whole thing is with them talking in silly voices, I can understand them perfectly well when they talk normally – silly people!
Nanna stayed again last night and I tried to stay awake to see her. There was lots of music coming out of the big flashing screen in the lounge and then there were loads of big loud bangs and lots of bright flashes. Mummy, Daddy and Nanna all gave each other kisses and then me too, saying “happy new year” – I’m not sure what all the fuss was about but they seemed quite happy about it all?

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