Introducing Pinypon – the mix and match, collectible dolls


Two weeks ago a large parcel was delivered to my door especially for Little Bean. That afternoon she was to have a playdate with one of her school friends so I decided to let the girls open the box and see what delights were hiding inside. There were squeals of delight as the girls pulled … Read more

Celebrating Best Friends this Valentines with #BratzBFF


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, saying ‘I love you’ doesn’t have to be solely reserved for loving couples. What better time of year to tell your #BFF (Best Friend Forever) just how much they mean to you than Valentine’s Day? Last year saw the welcome return of the Bratz girls complete with fresh new styles and … Read more

What the Beans are playing on Nintendo #4

Adventure Time

The Beans always remind me how much they love the fact that I am a blogger when they receive a new download code for one of their Nintendo consoles so I have been a very popular Mummy these last couple of weeks with a number of new releases coming our way. New Style Boutique 2: … Read more

Great gifts for girls this Christmas

Maybe it’s because I’m female, I don’t know but I always find it so much easier buying for gifts for girls at Christmas. Perhaps it’s because there are always pretty little knick knacks around for girls?? To prove a point, this year as we are approaching Christmas I have already managed to finished Little Bean’s … Read more

Playmobil Super 4 – what’s in the box?

Playmobil Super 4

Just before we set off on our Cornwall adventre the Beans had a surprise parcel to open up from Playmobil and I honestly don’t think they could have received a better surprise for them. I like to video their gut reaction to a new product so I don’t even open the box for a sneeky … Read more

Disney On Ice brings its magic to families with new ‘Fit to Dance’ programme

Disney On Ice

‘Fit to Dance’ encourages creativity, imagination and exercise amongst families Children create stories and dance routines using inspiration from Disney On Ice shows Programme developed with EBC Education to support English and Physical Education skills Disney On Ice launches it’s Fit To Dance’ family programme which aims to inspire families to have fun and be active through storytelling … Read more