Playmobil Super 4 – what’s in the box?

Just before we set off on our Cornwall adventre the Beans had a surprise parcel to open up from Playmobil and I honestly don’t think they could have received a better surprise for them.

I like to video their gut reaction to a new product so I don’t even open the box for a sneeky peek myself before starting the camera rolling. What they receive it as much of a surprise to me as it is to them. This playset forms part of the Super 4 range of toys which we were supposed to go down to London to see a few weeks ago but sadly at the last minute had to cancel. It’s such a shame as the Beans are fans of Super 4 as they have been watching it on Netflix for some time now. Just in case Super 4 isn’t something your children have discovered yet it’s a great new animated CITV series inspired by Playmobil. To accompany the series Playmobil have now launched a range of Super 4 toys.

Playmobil Super 4

We received Take Along Black Baron’s Castle and Princess Leonora.

The instructions for building the playset are really easy to follow but if I can share one little gripe it would have to be that I wish they would bag up the pieces in a more organised manner. I would like to see all the pieces for one section of instructions to be in the same bag rather than having to rifle through other bags to find the pieces I need next. When you have little ‘helpers’ it can get quite confusing when rip open all the bags to find the pieces they want to play with whilst Mummy is left to do the building. They like to find the people and accessories so they can get started immediately on game play.

Playmobil Super 4

I made the mistake of not looking at the instructions carefully when I started to get sticker happy and realised that I had the main structure of the castle upside down. I worried that I when I peeled the stickers off to put them on the right way around they would tear but testament to their high quality, they peeled off with relative ease and stuck back down (in the right place) without any issues. They look like they had been there all along.

Playmobil Super 4

The castle was very quick and easy to build and as a parent I was very impressed with the final model, especially how it all folds up and stores the accessories inside. With four children we have a LOT of toys so it’s important that we choose toys which fold away easily to keep sets together and also so as not to take up too much space. This one ticked all the boxes.

Playmobil Super 4

It’s also a great playset for boys and girls because just the simple of addition of a Princess and Horse and Little Bean was more than happy to play along with her Brother. It was the most peaceful afternoon I have heard the two of them play together in a long time.

Playmobil Super 4

Whilst on holiday last week in Cornwall, Beanie Boy managed to sniff out a toy shop and found an Aladdin’s cave of Playmobil toys so he used some of his holiday pennies to buy another Knight to add to his Castle.

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