• Argos Birthday Club

    How to plan a kids birthday party

    With four children and the oldest 13 years old, we have attended (and thrown) LOTS of birthday parties. I have to admit, despite being extremely organised before having the Beans, I am very much a last-minute planner these days, so it all tends to get a little bit chaotic in the run-up to the party. […]

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  • Little Bean

    Little Bean’s 7th Birthday Celebrations!!

    Last weekend we celebrated Little Bean’s 7th Birthday with family and friends. She woke early and bless her waited patiently until I awoke. I had told her that she should wake me but she said that she knew I needed to sleep, I felt bad when I woke knowing that she had delayed her birthday […]

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  • Build a Bear Workshop

    Promise Pets at Build A Bear Workshop

    As a blogger, there are certain emails that land in my Inbox which make me do a little happy dance and one such email is the one titled “Build A Bear Workshop” because it is such good fun. Whether you have young children yourself, are a child at heart or are simply looking for a […]

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  • birthday party

    Jelly Bean’s first birthday party invitation . . .

    A few weeks ago Jelly Bean was very excited to be invited to his first ever ‘friend’ birthday party. He had a blast and was very sad to leave. He loved the train rides the best and despite his reservations when Peppa Pig made an appearance he couldn’t let her leave without giving her a […]

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  • 40th Birthday

    Hubby’s 40th Birthday celebrations . . .

    Life seems to have been going at 100mph these last few weeks so I have a stack of photographs that I want to share on the blog which will be out of date order but I’m going to share them anyway. We had a lovely weekend celebrating Hubby’s 40th Birthday which included a family day […]

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  • Yellow Moon

    Yellow Moon is great for birthday parties . . .

    Our latest box of goodies from Yellow Moon couldn’t have arrived at a better time for us. There were a few little bits and pieces that the Beans couldn’t wait to get started on like the little ‘Flip Flop Trinket Boxes’ and the ‘Sea Side Boxes’ so whilst I got on with a few jobs […]

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