Yellow Moon is great for birthday parties . . .

Our latest box of goodies from Yellow Moon couldn’t have arrived at a better time for us. There were a few little bits and pieces that the Beans couldn’t wait to get started on like the little ‘Flip Flop Trinket Boxes’ and the ‘Sea Side Boxes’ so whilst I got on with a few jobs around the house I set them up on the patio table to see what they could come up with. Nanna arrived just in time to help them out and get a little creative herself.

Yellow Moon

The Ceramic Trinket boxes are plain porcelain and we used our Giotto Metallic Decor Pens to colour them and then some Crystal Stick On Stones to decorate. The pens are really easy to use and dry quickly so the children don’t get in a mess with them and the results look brilliant. The Seaside Boxes are very cute and Little Bean particularly loved doing these because her recent theme at school has been all about ‘Under the Sea’ and she had a school trip to the seaside so she is keeping some of her special shells in her box. These are great for small children as they come with all the decorations pre-cut and ready to stick on. Perhaps if you have someone with limited attention span as the box comes together very quickly. Again they added their own embellishments with the Crystal Stick On Stones.

Yellow Moon

I had different plans for the rest of our box of goodies, namely Little Bean’s birthday party. We had booked a Rollerskating Party but knew from experience that the children finished their food very quickly and then had nothing to do other than go crazy in the very small food area so we took along all of our Yellow Moon crafts and the children were then able to pick a craft they liked which kept them busy until the end of the party, plus they got to take home something which they had made. This is something I will definitely consider for future parties and the other parents who were in attendance thought it was a genius idea too. The Yellow Moon craft kits are so affordable and yet really great quality, the children get to express themselves however they would like with their crafts and have the pride of displaying their work at home. I keep a permanent box of mixed Yellow Moon goodies (which I have bought myself) in my ‘rainy day cupboard’ for those days when the children need a little inspiration or entertainment. It’s like a little treasure trove for them because I add bits all the time and they just love digging around to see what’s new.

Yellow Moon

Something else which people might not realise Yellow Moon do is these small bags of toys which are great for children to spend their pocket money on or even better for popping in party bags. These cars didn’t make it to the party bags though because the Beans comandeered them for themselves!

Yellow MoonDISCLAIMER: We were sent the above items for the purpose of this post. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission. I have not been instructed what to write.



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