How to celebrate your birthday at Butlins

We knew when we booked our holiday that Little Bean would be celebrating a birthday at Butlins, her 5th birthday to be precise. We were a little unsure that we would be able to make her birthday as special as we would have at home because she wouldn’t have all her family around her, her Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles but we were hopeful that Butlins could make up for that and they did, they really did . . .

Butlins Birthday
  • Take one 5-year-old girl and shower her with cards and presents . . .
  • Book a free character breakfast at Papa Johns
  • Follow up with a magical Panto, Butlin’s style . . .
  • Marinade in the swimming pool for an hour or two (sorry no photos!)
  • Surprise with a birthday package of helium balloons, confetti and birthday cake . . .
  • Finish the day off with tots disco!

Hey presto, MAJOR BROWNIE POINTS for minimum effort! Now try to top THAT next year!!!

NOTE: The Character Breakfast and Pantomime are free to guests of Butlins, however the character breakfast needs pre-booking to avoid disappointment. The birthday package of balloons, confetti and birthday cake is available at a cost of £20 although cheaper options are available on request.

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